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JW Floor Coatings

Quality work and
customer satisfaction.


Service Offerings

No job is too big or too small.


Epoxy and Concrete

Durable and low maintenance flooring that meets your style and budget.


Industrial and Commercial Coatings

Surfaces take a lot of punishment.
We've got you covered with trusted products and specialized application methods.


NACE Qualified

Coating Inspections and failure analysis are some of our most requested services.
If you need a NACE certified inspector, we can provide advanced inspection
services to ensure the specification requirements of your project are met.

Contact a JW Floor Coatings Specialist.

Need to get a job done, or feeling unsure about what to do next? We're available to help whatever stage you’re at.


Phone: 604.316.7324

Thanks for contacting us! One of our specialists will connect with you very soon.

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